Getting Back Into Writing

Yes, You Can Make Money Writing!

You’re here because you are either an author or an aspiring writer. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably working on or recently finished a book. Let me take a couple of guesses as to what you’ve been through already.

Has anyone ever told you that you can’t make money writing? That’s it’s a dead end career? Or maybe that you should do something else with your time, talents, money, etc.? Have you asked someone to read your work only to receive “constructive criticism,” or have they promised to read it and never got back to you about it?

What you have suffered, what countless writers have suffered is called invalidation. It makes up the majority of what is commonly known as writer’s block. I have bad news and good news. First, the bad. If you keep receiving this “constructive criticism,” this “I’ll read it later, I promise. I’m just very busy right now,” this “you should really look into doing ________,” you will stop writing eventually. It might be tomorrow, it might be next week, next month, or whenever, but you will stop.

Now the good. Contrary to popular belief, there is a cure. And if this is something you are experiencing – if you’ve stopped writing for any reason – we’ll give you the very thing to knock off your writer’s block forever! (More on that later…)


Your true journey starts now!

Do you have a passion for creating realistic characters your readers can connect to? Want to make a difference in this world? Do you want to write the next book that everyone can enjoy? The one(s) they call you for interviews about? The one(s) that your readers want more of?

Are you ready to make your writing career dreams a reality?

The deep, defining messages in cultures have all started with one writer being brave enough to record their observations on paper. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you have a message that your public needs to hear.You can be the next big thing. Your book can be the one society sees as a powerful message for all mankind. You can be the one they call for interviews, whose voice means something. With these words, with this platform that you will create for yourself (with our help), you can make this world a better place. In fact, in almost every case, readers are immediately and unchangeably impacted by reading what an author has written. It’s happened countless times before. Why can’t you be the one to make an impact?

If writing is truly your passion, if you believe you have a message that the world needs to hear, if you have a burning desire to create characters your readers can connect with, if you want to be a full-time writer and make real money creating your stories, click the link below. You’ll be taken to the next step every writer needs: How 80% of Readers Decide To Buy A Book. Understanding this will prepare you to create a real career creating your stories.

Are you ready? Your true journey starts now!

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